Fellow introduces SIMPL – A flexible and intuitive way to program industrial robot arms


4_1 Fellow introduces SIMPL - A flexible and intuitive way to program industrial robot armsBURLINGAME, Calif., April 8, 2019 — Fellow Inc. (Fellow Robots), a leader in AI & image recognition platforms announces SIMPLTM at Promat 2019, a new Flexible Machine Vision product that makes it easy to program automation lines using an intuitive drag and drop interface.

SIMPLTM allows any user with no previous experience in machine vision, programming, or robotics to rapidly set up new machine vision-based automation lines or repurpose existing lines to work with new parts or products.

Small and medium businesses (SMB) in the United States and elsewhere have been at a competitive disadvantage when compared to major multi-national companies who have automated their production lines with multi-million-dollar robotics projects.

With the introduction of robot arms targeted at SMB’s this has started to change.  However, SMB’s often do not have the budget to setup and tear down assembly lines quickly. Fellow is changing that with the introduction of SIMPLTM.

SIMPLTM allows users to setup and program Universal Robots arms quickly and easily, requiring only a camera and our software kit.  Users no longer need technical experts to set up automation lines and spend hours manually programming the robot arm.  SIMPLTM uses advanced machine learning to detect and locate various SKUs and allows users to quickly setup the production line to do tasks like pick and place.  Setting up new SKUs and tasks can be done rapidly and by any user, which provides unprecedented flexibility in what a production line is used for and reduces downtime.

“Fellow is excited to be introducing a product that leverages our years of experience in the development of computer vision and deep machine learning solutions to help benefit small companies to compete with their larger competitors. Traditionally, it has been very expensive and complex to set up production machine vision systems, but SIMPLTMchanges that, and allows any user to do the set themselves,” said Marco Mascorro, CEO of Fellow Inc.

About Fellow:

Fellow Inc. is a Silicon Valley based company, leader in robotics, AI and Computer Vision. Fellow designs and develops cutting-edge, innovative core technologies and builds products by working with key partners and customers through strategic relationships. Fellow works and has worked with multiple Fortune 500 companies and has multiple national and international patents granted and pending for its technologies.

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