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Fintech Fast Forward Introduced By Slaughter & May

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Fintech-Fast-Forward-Introduced-By-Slaughter-May-300x129 Fintech Fast Forward Introduced By Slaughter & MayThe elite City firm will be providing free support and advice to ten United Kingdom based emerging and new fintech businesses with the aid of Slaughter & May’s £300,000 fund. The Fintech Fast Forward program will formally launch on the 17 of November, which will be led by Slaughter and May’s financial institution partner Ben Kingsley and head of outsourcing and technology Rob Sumroy, Regtech, insurtech, blockchain/distributed ledger technology and datatech type businesses based in the UK or scale-up businesses operating in fintech may apply. A counselling panel of prominent industry and legal professionals including Trevor Callaghan, general counsel of DeepMind Technologies; Mike Lynch, CEO of Invoke Capital; and Sigga Sigurdardottir, chief customer and innovation officer UK at Santander and Ophelia Brown, general partner at LocalGlobe will be helping the organization to recognize potential businesses that stand to benefit most from the program.


The program will be accepting businesses those will be eligible to collect £30,000 worth of value added service for instance guidance from experts and legal advice. Along with that tailored one-to-one coaching on chapters like network access and tailored chapters like presentation, pitching, management, communication people and negotiation and access to model legal documentation. They have recognized the talent hidden in the UK’s entrepreneur population.