FinTech Investments Soars High over Blockchain, Remains a Popular Choice among Investors


FinTech-Investments-Soars-High-over-Blockchain-Remains-a-Popular-Choice-among-Investors FinTech Investments Soars High over Blockchain, Remains a Popular Choice among InvestorsBlockchain although has attained normalcy with increased adoption, is still not an ideal investment choice among investors, who rather prefer to invest in the FinTech industry.

Earlier, at the end of 2017, Bitcoin price soared sky high touching $19,000. The world’s first cryptocurrency gained much hype, with people wondering the technology behind the digital currency, and its various other application use cases. Looking at Bitcoin BTC’s grand success, some companies, even introduced their own cryptocurrency to reap in the blockchain benefits. Even after BTC’s price nose-diving in 2018, the blockchain tech remained and still is quite popular in the IT industry.

As per “2018 FinTech VC Investment Landscape” report, the European blockchain industry (cryptocurrency included) witnessed significant funding, but only four deals – Paxos (Bankchain), Dfinity, SEBA Crypto, and Bitfury – amounted to funding surpassing the $300 million figure. Further analysis reveals the much popularity FinTech companies have among investors than blockchain.

In Europe, the UK financial technology company – Revolut and German direct bank – N26 alone raised $461 million funding across 7 deals, which were closely followed by personal finance and wealth management industry receiving a $333.61 million funding, and alternative lending and finance industry receiving a $306.64 million funding.

Global data of all the world financial companies reveals that they raised a sum total of $36.6 billion from venture capital investors. Ant Financial, an affiliate company of the Chinese Alibaba Group, set a record for both FinTech and venture capital, raising $14 billion, making China the overall world leader, leading at $18.9 billion investment across 90 deals, followed by the United States at $10.6 billion across 1,042 deals, and the United Kingdom at $1.7 billion across 261 deals.