Firefox Quantum Now Let Users To Toggle Anti-Cryptojacking Feature


Firefox_Quantum-Now-Let-Users-To-Toggle-Anti-Cryptojacking-Feature Firefox Quantum Now Let Users To Toggle Anti-Cryptojacking FeatureThe latest version of open-source internet browser Firefox, Firefox Quantum is reportedly offering a new privacy feature to safeguard against cryptojacking. According to Mozilla, websites can deploy scripts that launch a crypto miner on a user’s machine without them being aware, a practice known as cryptojacking. In an effort to conquer these malicious practices, Mozilla collaborated with Disconnect, an online privacy platform, to build a crypto mining blocker for their browser. Users can now lever an opt-in feature which ostensibly blocks possible cryptojacking from taking benefit of spare computing power to mine cryptocurrency.

Earlier, Mozilla had announced that it would block cryptocurrency in a new browser, which introduced in August last year. Recently in April, Firefox featured cryptojacking protection in its Firefox Nightly 68 and Beta 67 versions, just earlier to the launch of its Quantum version. With cybersecurity company MalwareBytes’ statement, cryptojacking at the consumer level was called essentially extinct. On the other side, “Marked by the popular drive-by mining company CoinHive shutting down operations in early March, consumer cryptomining seems to have gone the way of the dodo.”

“Detections of consumer-focused bitcoin miners have dropped significantly over the last year and even from last quarter, while business-focused miners have increased from the previous quarter, especially in the APAC region,” according to the report. Firefox Quantum designed to ease the practice of fingerprinting that makes a kind of users’ digital fingerprint, which is used to monitor their activities on the internet.