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Firefox Revamped With The Next-Gen Engine

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Firefox-Revamped-With-The-Next-Gen-Engine-300x129 Firefox Revamped With The Next-Gen EngineBeginning in 2017 the new web engine dubbed, as Project Quantum will be powering the Mozilla’s Firefox browser said Mozilla’s Firefox chief. David Bryant, the head of Mozilla’s platform engineering team said Quantum would take full advantage of the modern PC hardware. The engine will exploit the parallelism to run the process across the GPU and multiple cores. Responsible for all its performance, the new engine will be the core of the browser. Bryant said in a blog post that the performance gain from Quantum would be so noticeable that users will feel the entire web experience completely different. Silky smooth scrolling and fast loading pages are a few examples. While holding consistent frame rates the interactive apps and animation will be loading instantly. Focusing the processing power where it is needed the most the content that is most important to the user will get the highest priority.


The user base for Mozilla has gone down to 6.36 percent in the September from 12 percent in 2014. The main reason is a lack of improvements lately. The snappy browser is worth it no matter how many apps the PC is running in the background and what bandwidth is available.