First State Community Bank (FSCB) chooses Jack Henry’s Commercial Lending Suite


First-State-Community-Bank-FSCB-chooses-Jack-Henry’s-Commercial-Lending-Suite First State Community Bank (FSCB) chooses Jack Henry’s Commercial Lending SuiteFirst State Community Bank (FSCB), a leading Farmington, Missouri-based banking organization, as per recent press reports, has chosen Jack Henry and Associates, a Monett, Missouri-based technology solutions and payment services provider to financial industry, for their Commercial Lending Center Suite to empower its digital growth plans.

Furthermore, Jack Henry’s ProfitStars division claims FSCB is already a user of the company’s SilverLake System for its core banking.

According to Ben Wasson, vice-president and senior credit administration officer for FSCB, the bank is on a lookout for a commercial lending platform that automates the manual processes, enhancing efficiencies as the bank scales. Concluding Ben said that FSCB is not just rolling out new technology, but are implementing a modern way of doing business.

The Commercial Lending Center Suite is a digital loan origination platform, that can enable organizations to automate their decision-making and workflow management portfolio.

The Southeast Missouri-based FSCB selected ProfitStars’ lending platform owing to its intuitive borrower experience, data integration capability, and advanced portfolio management expertise. According to Russ Bernthal, vice-president of Jack Henry and ProfitStars, the commercial lending process is often paper-intensive, which requires a trail of never-ending paperwork for approval, this can put-off both borrowers and bank employees, the Commercial Lending Suite overcomes that with its seamless decision making and workflow management capabilities.