FirstNet to aid First Responders in Emergency Situations

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FirstNet-to-aid-First-Responders-in-Emergency-Situations FirstNet to aid First Responders in Emergency SituationsThe First Responder Network Authority -FirstNet, America’s first – post 9/11- nationwide high-speed broadband network, has opened up new opportunities for technology companies to explore ways to assist first responders. The LTE network has been built with flexibility, coverage, and bandwidth of LTE in mind to offer reliability and resilience to the network. The network is a public-private partnership between AT&T, Telit, and the First Responder Network Authority, to assist first responders in being more effective in emergency situations by leveraging the next-gen technologies like IoT and drone platforms.

The key benefit that FirstNet is going to offer is the real-time surveillance data gathered by drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). With multiple law agencies realizing the potential of modern surveillance drones, drone deployment has gained pace to boost productivity and to increase safety and security.

In view of public safety and much-needed aid to first responders, deployment of enterprise-grade drones is becoming a necessity. Owing to their light and nimble characteristics, independence from traffic bottlenecks, and ability to maneuver through difficult-to-navigate terrains, drones are increasingly gaining traction. Further, with onboard drone cameras, first responders can scope out dangerous situations, such as an active shooter in the vicinity or a hostage situation. The cameras provide an unobstructed view, helping first responders assess the emergency situation and decide on a plan of actions, saving the critical rescue time.

The AT&T network, relying on these drones which include – the all-weather drone, called the Flying COW (cell on wings), capable of flying in extreme weather conditions, operate at extreme temperatures, keeps its LTE network operational in a disaster recovery situation.