Flexential Announces Its Partnership with Edgemicro to Live-Test Edge Computing Pilot Projects

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Flexential-Announces-Its-Partnership-with-Edgemicro-to-Live-Test-Edge-Computing-Pilot-Projects Flexential Announces Its Partnership with Edgemicro to Live-Test Edge Computing Pilot ProjectsFlexential, a secure and compliant IT infrastructure services provider, in a recent statement on Monday, Jan. 21st 2019, announced its partnership with EdgeMicro, an edge colocation company, to support live testing of their microdata center pilot project. Both Flexential and EdgeMicro, with this partnership agreement will be able to establish a connectivity environment, which Edge Ecosystem demands, prior to large-scale deployment.

The pilot project, which is being conducted in EdgeMicro’s data center located adjacent to Flexential Englewood center in South Denver, housing the industry’s first edge computing test lab, is expected to tether far-edge data and near-edge data centers. The tethering will further demonstrate the improved latency benefits which today’s consumers and AI/IoT applications of the future can experience.

According to Martin Capurro, vice president, and general manager at EdgeMicro, the pilot project has until now fetched encouraging results. EdgeMicro partnered companies with their resources and contributions to developing the edge computing strategies, can see the immediate value of the pilot project. Adding further Capurro said that the need for this technology is very real, with these pilot programs the company is inching closer to an official rollout. The shape and scale at which the rollout will happen will have a major impact on the industry.

And according to Tim Parker, vice president of network strategy at Flexential, the company is proud to be part of a project that has gathered the edge industry’s brightest minds in their bold vision, which is bound to bring a ripple wave throughout the industry and change the way the internet works. Adding further he said, tethering near-edge and far-edge data centers, is the future of edge computing, and when these pilot projects see the light of the sun, the participating companies will be prepared and confident to implement their edge computing strategies.