Florida-based Seacoast Bank squares in on Talend for its Data Integration Platform


Florida-based-Seacoast-Bank-squares-in-on-Talend-for-its-Data-Integration-Platform Florida-based Seacoast Bank squares in on Talend for its Data Integration PlatformSeacoast Bank, a Stuart, Florida-based regional community bank, as per recent reports this week, has announced choosing Talend’s data integration platform – Talend Data Fabric – in its bid to ensure regulatory compliance, reduce costs with automation, and accelerate the data analysis process.

The Florida-based bank also came up with a 0-100 scale index to rate the data quality, in its attempt to streamline the review processes and reduce manual tasks. In its overall indication of data quality, the bank considers six factors prime factors, accuracy, completeness, conformity, consistency, uniqueness, and validity. The built index, which is also apt at tracking the quality of data over time as the bank evolves, leverages Talend’s tech to make data quality more understandable to business users throughout the organization.

“Being heavily regulated, banks understand the need for data governance more than any other industry,” states Mark Blanchette, SVP, director of data management and business technology, Seacoast Bank. “That made it easier for us to put in place this innovative data quality framework that facilitates compliance.”

Adding further, he says, “More importantly, it helps us be responsible data caretakers who can rely on high-quality data to better know and serve our customers.”

Talend, in its statement, claims that its solutions enable customers to spend more quality time on analysis, thus significantly increasing their chance to maximize business benefits.