Fog computing may help smart firefighting, according to US research

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Fog-_computing_-may_-help-_smart-_firefighting-_according-_to-US_-research-300x200 Fog computing may help smart firefighting, according to US researchAccording to what the US research university says, Fog computing will help in rapid decision-making and real-time data requirements for firefighters to view emergency services increasingly.

With Wayne State University exploring the use-case for the collection of new outlooks relating to the fog computing which is produced by The OpenCog Consortium. Titled Bridging the Cloud-to-Things Continuum is the report which has been published by Tech Idea Research.

Agreeing to the fact that cloud networking works well in some consolidated scenarios, this will leave a gap to be the bridge by others, and that’s where fog computing comes in, reveals the report.

Firefighters have a high dependency rate on up-to-the-minute data taking into consideration the locations, physiological conditions, building floor plans, hazard information, and the number of trapped occupants. The combined data will streamline the help course to ensure the safety of both firefighters and the survivors, to keep fire casualties at minimal levels.

The distributed aura of fog computing will enable critical province of communication, processing, storage, control, and decision-making. This will enhance a distributed and vivacious data origin to tackle latency, network accessibility, rising costs, and data security concerns. Many companies opting for an advanced fog computing this will provide a simple yet compact networking infrastructure with reduced latency.