For better Customer experience Hyundai Capital America adopts NICE Cloud Omni-channel

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For_better_Customer_experience_Hyundai_Capital_America_adopts_NICE_Cloud_Omni-channel-300x200 For better Customer experience Hyundai Capital America adopts NICE Cloud Omni-channel
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The NICE Engage platform has been serving to Hyundai Capital America get better operational potency, higher perceive its clients’ activities and gain business insights from client interactions so as to spice up customer satisfaction or CSAT, whereas guaranteeing full recording for compliance.

A key enabler of those edges is Nice Engage’s capability to sustain the capture and forwarding of thousands of synchronous IP streams over one platform in real time, additionally to recording, encrypting and archiving them. It additionally allows playback of past calls captured with a previous recording answer. The platform was additionally simply pliant to fulfil the company’s distinctive operational and business needs.

Hyundai Capital America preferred a cloud-based consumption model as a part of its broader cloud strategy. By investment NICE’s cloud-based mostly omnichannel recording, Hyundai Capital America is in a position to firmly and expeditiously proportion operations to simply record and supervise its communication data across multiple channels and data sources on one platform.

Hyundai Capital America is a top-10 U.S. automobile finance corporate based in Irvine, CA, sustaining the monetary services requirements of Genesis Motors, Hyundai Motor America, and Kia Motors America.
The corporate serves over 1.7 million customers and over 1,600 dealers nationwide, and has over$35 billion in assets, in 2016. Additionally to its two offices in Orange County, CA, Hyundai Capital America has client support centres in Atlanta and Dallas.

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