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Ford’s New Go Bike Service To Hit The Road Soon

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Ford’s-New-Go-Bike-Service-To-Hit-The-Road-Soon-300x129 Ford’s New Go Bike Service To Hit The Road SoonTo address the issue of growing urban crowding, the San Francisco-based company responsible for commuter ride-sharing ‘Chariot’ is to be acquired by ‘Ford’ a leading car manufacturer announced the company. Ford also announced that it is teaming up with Motivate, a bike sharing service with intentions to start a Ford Go Bike in Bay Area and San Francisco. Motivate and Ford are planning to add bicycle stations which will help increase the number of bikes to 7000 by the end of 2018.


Motivate has designed an app for its users which offers service in12 cities across the globe. Providing real-time information about the ride availability and unlocking the bike are some of the features of the app. The vision of moving people around in congested cities is the company’s intentions of the car manufacturer behind this acquisition and partnership.


Mark Fields, CEO at Ford said in a statement that they are spreading their business to be recognized as both a mobility and auto company and collaborating with cities for the future of ridesharing is the next big step. Ford is a trusted source for the community and automobile transportation for more than a century now. Ford declared its new City Solutions team as part of its Ford Smart Mobility LLC at a conference in San Francisco. The number of people living in cities is around 50 percent currently which is expected to rise to 60 percent by 2030.