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FPGAs Introduced Into Cloud By Microsoft

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FPGAs-Introduced-Into-Cloud-By-Microsoft-300x129 FPGAs Introduced Into Cloud By MicrosoftMicrosoft announced that it has been afflicting cards of programmable chips collected with servers in its cloud data centers earlier this year at its Ignite conference for IT professionals. In order to configure them for a specific application like machine learning and networking the FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Arrays) can be reconfigured after their deployment. Scott Guthrie executive vice president in charge of Microsoft’s cloud and enterprise division said in a Structure Conference in San Francisco that the company is investing in tools that will allow the users to customize FPGAs. The workloads that the chips are deployed to handle can be performed better while those tools are used. As compared to CPUs and GPUs, the organizations will be seeing the performance improvements. Although when people are given raw access of FPGAs it might be an issue.


Users need to debug quickly when something went wrong said Guthrie. There are still a lot of things that we have to learn how to protect against. As these are hardware, it could damage the machine. Using FPGAs for business application there is an advantage to be gained from. Bing and Azure’s Accelerated Networking feature is where the FPGAs are being used as of now as they have the capability to radically speed up some computations.