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Free Wi-Fi For All, European Union’s Upcoming Proposal

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Free-Wi-Fi-For-All-European-Union’s-Upcoming-Proposal-300x129 Free Wi-Fi For All, European Union’s Upcoming ProposalJean Claude Juncker, President of European Commission mentioned in annual State of the European Union address this Wednesday about a free Wi-Fi for all proposal. Putting free Wi-Fi hotspots for all European Union citizens in the library, parks squares and other public buildings is the main target of the WIFI4EU (Wi-Fi for the European Union) project. With funding of €120 million equivalent to USD 135 million from the commission through 2019 to support the purchase and installation of over 6,000 Wi-Fi hotspots. But the local community will be responsible for the bandwidth provision and ongoing maintenance.


Even though it will be available for all the European Union citizens but they are not likely to get a signal without a long walk considering the current budget. The WIFI4EU project is intended to provide the Internet to previously unserved areas so if your library or park already has a paid Wi-Fi this project will not be changing anything there. In heavily trafficked areas the Commission is expecting the service to have stifled demand. The aim of the Commission is to connect to one-tenth of the European Union population each day considering each connection to be one user. They expect each stabilized hotspot can serve thousands of connections on a daily basis.