From a new Salesforce Recruit to a Full-Fledged Salesforce Pro in under $20

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From-a-new-Salesforce-Recruit-to-a-Full-Fledged-Salesforce-Pro-in-under-20 From a new Salesforce Recruit to a Full-Fledged Salesforce Pro in under $20An approx. two-thirds of people believe that if a company starts treating them like a number rather than a living, breathing person, that’s just cause to jump ship, i.e. switchover to the company that’s more responsive to the human element. These stats are no tales and highlight the key point which a company must keep in mind when it comes to customer relationship management (CRM). Furthermore, these stats specifically justify Salesforce’ booming success into becoming a grand player in how businesses relate to their customers.

With the help of Salesforce Lightning, businesses can set up and build those highly customizable tools from scratch, to enrich the customer interaction experience. To further sweeten this deal, Salesforce has announced “The Complete Salesforce Lightning Certification Training Bundle,” to train professionals at creating in the Salesforce environment.

Salesforce’ brand-new four-course package trains individuals to gradually elevate themselves from a new Salesforce recruit to a full-fledged Salesforce Pro. Part 1 of the four-course package deals with setup, security, and access, while Part 2 delves deeper into standard and custom objects, along with and marketing apps.

Part 3 of the package consists of training with service and support applications, as well as activity and data management. Now all these Parts finally leads to Part 4, which explores analytics, workflow, and process automation, as well as desktop and mobile administration.

The duration of the complete coursework is 19 hours. Post-completion of the entire coursework, an individual will be more than ready to take on the Salesforce Lightning ADX201 certification exam – Salesforce’ validated proof of an individual’s skill in working in this rapidly growing field.

Although each stage of this training regimen costs $199, but on a limited time TNW Deal, the entire training coursework is available at just $19.