Frontdesk AI Bags USD2 Million In Seed Funding To Expand Its Artificial Intelligence Assistant

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Frontdesk_AI-Bags-USD2-Million-In-Seed-Funding-To-Expand-Its-Artificial-Intelligence-Assistant Frontdesk AI Bags USD2 Million In Seed Funding To Expand Its Artificial Intelligence AssistantFrontdesk AI, an Artificial Intelligence-driven Company, has secured USD2 million in seed funding to expand its AI assistant, which is designed to handle inbound phone calls and automatically book client appointments for spas, salons, and fitness centers through SMS. With this funding, which is led by Pi Ventures, the company’s total valuation has reached USD15 million. According to the company, its virtual agent has already booked several hundred thousand appointments for more than 100 customers.

Based in California, FrontDesk AI says that there are over 20,000 spas in the U.S. and that does not include gyms and yoga studios. According to its CEO, Srivatsan Laxman said in a statement that customers report a 30% increase in revenue, a 20% increase in new client registrations and a significant reduction in class drop-outs. The service starts at $75 per month with a $5 charge per appointment after the first five. Prices rise to $250 per month for 75 appointments and $2 per appointment thereafter, he added.

According to the report, inbound calls are met with a recorded message, with saying the caller may leave a message or answer to the text message that is automatically created when the call connects. It makes sense given the high proportion of calls that come in from mobile devices. In that effort, FrontdeskAI allows its customers to switch the user from a phone call to a text message chat facilitated by a virtual agent, Sasha. Sasha is just a Chatbot, which makes out requests for booking appointments and answering questions by accessing FAQ information.