Frontier Communications Adds Carbyne’s Cutting Edge Next Generation 911 Services to Their Product Offerings


Frontier Communications, a leader in broadband communications, will be providing Carbyne’s advanced, NG911 products to Public Safety, City Services, DoT and enterprise clients starting in the summer of 2019

3-1-2 Frontier Communications Adds Carbyne's Cutting Edge Next Generation 911 Services to Their Product OfferingsNEW YORK, June 17, 2019 — Frontier Communications, a leader in providing communications services, announced an agreement with Carbyne, a global leader in Next Generation 911 public safety communications. Under this agreement, Frontier will be offering Carbyne’s c-Lite NG911 call-handling plugin to Public Safety, Department of Transport, and enterprise customers within their 29-state footprint.

Carbyne’s emergency response solutions provide a 21st century upgrade for standard public safety and emergency response infrastructure, revolutionizing the outdated emergency technologies still used in most cities around the world. With Carbyne’s technology-forward c-Lite plugin, first response personnel can better process and prioritize incoming emergency calls using a wealth of previously unavailable information such as industry-leading location capabilities, live video streaming from smartphones, municipal cameras and drones, data from IoT devices, and browser-based instant messaging with 911.

“We are thrilled to be working with a provider such as Frontier, who is bringing advanced broadband technologies to their clients throughout the US,” said Paul Tatro, Carbyne’s President of North American Operations. “Carbyne’s solutions optimize the performance of public safety in VoIP environments, while making crucial situational elements available to 911 call-takers, making a perfect fit for two technical innovators.”

“Our goal in the public safety space is to provide best-in-breed solutions across all technology silos. Carbyne’s cost-effective NG911 plugin, c-Lite, is making a huge impact in emergency response around the world, and we are excited to be offering these directly to our clients,” said Michael Wolfe, Director of Advanced Public Safety Solutions. “We already have clients inquiring about when c-Lite will be available.”

Carbyne’s advanced NG911 products are currently deployed in a number of tier 1 and other locations around the world. Their platform processes millions of calls each day for clients in the US, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

About Carbyne

Carbyne is a global leader in public safety technology, enabling real-time emergency communication for citizens and Public Safety Answering Points (dispatch centers). Their Next-Generation 911, cloud-based incident response system sits on a global infrastructure and is supported by a powerful ecosystem. Delivering advanced IP-enabled communication features, proactive, 24x7x365 support, AI-enriched response functionalities, IoT-enabled capabilities and state-of-the-art caller solutions, Carbyne is delivering the future of public safety and first response, today.

Founded in 2014, Carbyne is led by a team of entrepreneurs and technological experts. The company has offices in Tel Aviv, Mexico and Europe, with headquarters in New York City. For more information, visit

About Frontier Communications

Frontier Communications Corporation (NASDAQ: FTR) is committed to helping customer navigate internet and entertainment services. As a leader in providing public safety communications services to urban, suburban, and rural communities in 29 states, Frontier offers a variety of services to residential & commercial customers over its fiber-optic and copper networks, including video, high-speed internet, advanced voice, and Advanced Business Solutions. For more information contact 1-888-FRONTIER (1-888-376-6843) or visit