Full Autonomous Hardware Announced By Tesla For All Models


tesla-model Full Autonomous Hardware Announced By Tesla For All ModelsIncluding the Model 3, Model S and Model X Tesla vehicles will be incorporated with the necessary hardware to enable full self-driving experience announced the company. Tesla said in a statement that the safety level of the new vehicles would be much more than a human driver. The Model S and Model X vehicles are already in production with the level 5 hardware while the Model 3 will be in production shortly.


Eight surround cameras providing 360-degree visibility up to 250 meters, twelve ultrasonic sensors that will complement the vision and will detect both hard and soft objects. A forward facing RADAR will be providing supplementary information about the world on a redundant wavelength and is capable enough to be seeing through fog, dust, rain and even the car ahead. The Tesla autopilot will require human assistance as the full anatomy will not be available immediately. After sufficient real world testing is performed tesla will start rolling out features over the air. Elon Musk explained in a comment that the foundation is laid however, the full autonomous features would be available later as it will take some time for the regulatory approval and software validation to complete. The company has also announced 40 times more computing power enabled computer onboard.