Future Enterprise IT spending to be cloud based by 2022

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Future_Enterprise_IT_spending_to_be_cloud_based_by_2022-300x225 Future Enterprise IT spending to be cloud based by 2022
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The latest Cisco report represented that cloud traffic will be increased to 95% of total data center traffic by the year 2021. The analyst firm has forecasted that by the end of 2022, more than a quarter of spending within key enterprise sector IT markets will be cloud-based. With these reports published it formed an interesting shift in enterprise IT cloud spending now more accelerated than more traditional non-cloud markets.

The current application software such as customer relationship management (CRM) is enforcing the majority of enterprise IT spending, even then it will be the largest market by 2022, but eventually at slower growth rate with the comparison to the saturation of the current market, than system infrastructure.

It was mentioned by the Gartner that more than half of the revenue system addressed will be under system infrastructure and hardware infrastructure that forms down a step to the legacy stack of the data center hardware, operating systems and IT services that is inflexible and difficult to change over.

Michael Warrilow, Gartner research Vice-President said that “Cloud shift gets highlighted with the appeal of greater flexibility and agility that is treated as a beneficial factor on-demand capacity with the rise in cloud pricing”. He also mentioned that by the year 2022 cloud becomes rapidly growing mainstream where it can influence even greater portions of enterprise IT decisions targeting system infrastructure between on- and off-premises solutions.