Gab Lands Itself a New Crypto Payment Processor –Cash App, From Square

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Gab_Lands_a-New-Crypto-Payment-Processor-–Cash-App-From-Square Gab Lands Itself a New Crypto Payment Processor –Cash App, From SquareAfter its recent controversy with Coinbase, Gab lands a new crypto payment processor, the Cash App, a trading app from Square, a financial services firm, based in the United States, to transact and receive contributions in Bitcoin (BTC). The company in an official tweet, on Sunday, Jan. 6th 2019, made the announcement, posting “Free at last”.

Gab, a social networking platform, which came into existence in 2016, is quite famous for allowing anyone to share their views, even extremists and people banned by other mainstreams. The platform boasts of offering a free and uncensored speech, to anyone who uses it.

Owing to platform’s acceptance of extremists, who by their hate views or speeches, have been banned by the world’s 2 leading social networks, i.e. Facebook & Twitter, Gab always lands in trouble. Recently Gab’s merchant account and co-founder Andrew Torba’s personal account, both were shut down by Coinbase. Also, the firm’s app, the Gab app has notably been banned both by the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Last year, in Oct., Gab was in much controversy, after being used by Pittsburgh shooter, who posted a final message before he started shooting in a Pittsburgh synagogue, killing 11 people. Following this controversy, fiat payment processors such as PayPal and Stripe suspended their services to the company.