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Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy S8 In The Pipeline,Offer For South Korean Users

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Time-Warner-To-Be-Acquired-By-ATT-For-8-300x129 Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy S8 In The Pipeline,Offer For South Korean UsersGalaxy Note 8 and Galaxy S8 is being planned by Samsung and a monthly discount of 50 percent for the South Korean customers who have exchanged their faulty Note 7 for S7 and S7 Edge. After signing, a two-year contract and paying the monthly fee for 12 months and join the Galaxy Upgrade program can exchange their S7 and S7 Edge for Galaxy S8 and Note 8 for free. The users haveto just pay for the 12 months if they decide to exchange before 12 months. The program joiners will get a 50 percent off on display repair twice and fast-track service for the after sales. This is somewhat similar to the offer in the Galaxy club exchange program. The difference is Note 7 can avail all these offers without paying anything.


The starting date for the program is yet to be announced but the last date is November 30. The company said in a statement how and when the offer will be applicable for other countries is not certain, however, the program is now applicable for the users in South Korea. The recurrent issue of overheating and exploding batteries makes the company shut down the production of the Galaxy Note 7 earlier this month.