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Galaxy S8 To Be The First Device To Feature Snapdragon 835

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Galaxy-S8-To-Be-The-First-Device-To-Feature-Snapdragon-835-300x129 Galaxy S8 To Be The First Device To Feature Snapdragon 835What was proceeding as a fantastic year for the firm has been interrupted by the Note 7 fiasco for Samsung. Now the company is looking towards the future with the Galaxy S8 that Samsung wants to be special and bring back the luster. The anticipation for the S8 is more, not only the curved more crisp screen and a much better camera but also fastest Android-based phone in the market yet. One can locate Qualcomm in almost all the Android smartphones out there in the market. They are known as one of the biggest manufacturers of chips in the world. The upcoming Snapdragon 835 is going to be the most powerful chip that Qualcomm has ever created. The new chip will help with overall performance, RAM management, and battery life as well. In addition, Samsung’s Galaxy S8 will be the first device to be powered by this chip. More details about the chip will be announced at the CES 2017 supposed to be held in January.


In the designing of the smartphone of next-gen, the slim profile plays a vital role; hence, Qualcomm is working with Samsung to manufacture the slimmest cell chip out there. Samsung’s Galaxy S8 is the top candidate for the Snapdragon 835 as the first device featuring it has to appear in the first quarter.