Gate Labs introduces Second Generation OS update for its Flagship Smart Locks

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Gate-Labs-introduces-Second-Generation-OS-update-for-its-Flagship-Smart-Locks Gate Labs introduces Second Generation OS update for its Flagship Smart Locks

Gate Labs, Inc., the San Francisco, California-based home security company, renowned as the world’s first, all-in-one, camera-equipped smart lock manufacturer, in a recent press release statement on Friday, Mar. 1st 2019, announced its second-generation operating system for the flagship Gate smart lock product.

The Gate Smart Lock stands out amongst other similar products in the market with features such as the live audio & video streaming of events happening indoors and outside the home. With this OS update, the smart lock user will experience more reliability and faster everyday functionality.

Over the course of next few weeks, all Gate smart lock units will be automatically updated with these below-mentioned features:

  • Optimized motion sensitivity settings, allowing users to select from three modes of settings (high, medium, and low) on the Gate App to adjust motion sensitivity that best suits their particular door environment.
  • Instant video streaming: The update further reduces the lag time between motion detection and initialization of video recording, allowing delivery of live video streaming to users’ Gate App in under two seconds.
  • Improved Wi-Fi performance: With the latest firmware update, the Gate Smart Lock range now extends by 400 percent, further improving transmission between the device and users’ routers. Furthermore, the company also added “adaptive Wi-Fi” to its smart locks to eliminate issues like weak Wi-Fi signals.
  • Extended battery life: The smart lock now consumes 30% less power when idle.

Danial Ehyaie, CTO of Gate, stated, “The latest version of our operating system enhances functionality across a broad spectrum of features that enable trusted access to homes and properties”. Adding further Danial said, “Continually updating our systems to improve security and reliability is a top priority as we continue to make Gate the leading video smart lock for today’s busy homeowners and property managers.”