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Genee Acquired By Microsoft To Boost Cortana

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Genee-Acquired-By-Microsoft-To-Boost-Cortana-326x245 Genee Acquired By Microsoft To Boost CortanaGenee a startup providing a virtual assistant for appointment scheduling has been acquired by Microsoft. The Genee team will work for Microsoft as the deal has been announced to bring intelligence into Office 365. Genee’s service let an AI assistant interpret sentences like “setup dinner at some time” into calendar notifications automatically. Microsoft’s ongoing battle to build intelligent productivity software and service with the use of Artificial Intelligence.


Under the tenure of Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft the company is focusing on features like Office Delve (help find documents relevant to users which are been shared within an organization) Inbox in Outlook (for filtering unimportant emails into a separate tab). It is unclear as of now if the Genee functionality will make its way directly into the Office 365 or the Genee team will be asked to improve a verity of Microsoft products. The natural language processing capabilities making its way into Cortana and Outlook makes sense as the company is aggressively motivating people to use its virtual assistant Cortana. Though Genee’s target of providing people without a human assistant with a virtual assistant is messed up for sure.


The cost of acquisition is not very clear but it all sounds like the plot of Satya Nadella to boost up Microsoft’s growth areas and capabilities. Other acquired companies include Xamarin, Swiftkey, LinkedIn, etc.