GeoTraq’s New Class of Mobile IoT Modules aims at transforming the Asset Location Industry

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GeoTraq’s-New-Class-of-Mobile-IoT-Modules-aims-at-transforming-the-Asset-Location-Industry GeoTraq’s New Class of Mobile IoT Modules aims at transforming the Asset Location IndustryGeoTraq Inc., a Las Vegas, Nevada-based provider of asset tracking and remote monitoring solutions through Mobile IoT Modules, as per recent reports this week, has officially announced the cut-over to LTE-M/NB-IoT connectivity from GSM, bring in in entirety a new class of Mobile IoT modules. The company, which is currently working simultaneously on building a Tracker-Module for both asset tracking and location-based services, and a Sensor-Module for remote monitoring, has a firm belief that the new ultra-small Mobile IoT modules will bring in the radical change, transforming the way businesses locate assets and communicate data all around the world.

The term Mobile IoT points to the low power wide area (LPWA) managed IoT networks in licensed spectrum. Standardized under the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP), both LTE-M and NB-IoT networks are categorically classified as Mobile IoT.  As per a statement by the GSMA association, “the availability of Mobile IoT around the world is growing at an unprecedented speed.”

Reports are that GeoTraq’s new Mobile IoT modules will feature in all the core capabilities of GeoTraq’s original GSM module. Requirements like small LGA size, lower power consumptions, long battery life, and global connectivity, like always will remain at the top of the agenda for GeoTraq. Furthermore, with self-contained FF (form factor) design, GeoTraq modules eliminate the hassles involved for mounting, along with associated design and build costs for printed circuit boards (PCBs). The GeoTraq modules, with their plug and play functionality, come in handy when it comes to attaching an antenna, battery, or other desired sensors.

General Manager of GeoTraq, Pierre Parent, states, “Our niche in the IoT/ M2M industries is focused on Simple IoT. Our modules enhance the capabilities of existing technology by driving innovation in our products.”

The engineering team at GeoTraq is currently working round the clock, testing prototypes of the new Mobile IoT modules, and is expected to submit the modules for regulatory certification this summer.