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Github Launched New Features For The Project Management Issues

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Github-Launched-New-Features-For-The-Project-Management-Issues-300x129 Github Launched New Features For The Project Management IssuesThanks to a new feature the popular site for managing software development projects is now a project management service as well. All the work that springs up around a code repository is going to be helped by the company’s new project. This allows the teams to organize responsibilities into a board interface issues, Pull requests and notes can individually be represented in card form. For users to track the workflow of each project component these cards can then be arranged in custom columns.


To compete with the likes of Asana and Trello, this move helps increases the code repository management service’s functionality in a very insubstantial way. The businesses that are currently patching a project management system are going to be benefited and the ones that have already built a massive workflow will not be ripping them out to us GitHub. Users were even now building disordered, bare-bones sorts of project chasing inside GitHub, said Todd Berman, the company’s vice president of product engineering. Once the GitHub user utilizes the issue tracking feature to make a list of responsibilities, it is then divided into different categories he further added. Basically, this is a GitHub-flavored Markdown of a project board implementation.