Global Brands Embrace AI With Human Skills To Win Customer Intimacy and Drive Growth

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Global_Brands-Embraces-AI-With-Human-Skills-To-Win-Customer-Intimacy-and-Drive-Growth Global Brands Embrace AI With Human Skills To Win Customer Intimacy and Drive GrowthThese days, Customer experience-centric organizations are progressively migrating towards Artificial Intelligence and automation to knob customer relations and services. According to an MIT Technology Review report, named Humans + Bots: Tension and Opportunity, commissioned by Genesis noted that those businesses that have deployed automation earlier are now harvesting the glorious rewards in terms of scale, productivity, customer loyalty, and brand classification. Businesses around the world have been making moves to implement customer-centric technologies throughout the customer journey to meet the customer needs and requirements to manage and serve the better services along the way.

AI and automation have largely affected companies through a number of outlets, such as customer engagement, advancement in customer services, complaint resolution, and targeted technology investment decisions. To outcome these challenges, customer-centric businesses are utilizing AI as an influential asset to accelerate customer engagement processing times and permeate transactions with better information and insights. With this technique, businesses can take benefits in terms of reduced cost and better service outcomes. Artificial Intelligence technology has generated a move in productivity that means it is able to counter compound customer needs to live up the businesses’ expectations.

Besides, when addressing complaints through automation, a quarter and a half of all inquiries are completely resolved through online channels like Chatbot. The MIT study revealed that the majority of inbound customer contact, nearly 10 percent, is totally automated. However, this percentage is higher than customer-centric leaders showed that these types of businesses are able to manage the boom of entire automation without loss of customer satisfaction. On the other hand, almost 90 percent of respondents expressed that they have recorded calculable improvements in the pace of complaint resolution, and more than 80 percent have cited increased call volume processing utilizing AI.