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Gmail Attachments Size Can Now Be More Than 25MB

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Gmail-Attachments-Size-Can-Now-Be-More-Than-25MB-300x129 Gmail Attachments Size Can Now Be More Than 25MBThe attachment to your Gmail was too big? This will be not the anymore.

We all have experienced at least once the missing e-mail that someone sent you with an attachment and despite searching spam, inbox and trash folders you didn’t find it. Well, that is not really the case. The attachment happens to be a little bigger and the mail never got through. Google has taken a step forward and doubled the size of the attachment from 25MB to 50MB. This should solve the case of the missing mail. Nevertheless, there are quite a few other ways of sending a large file than attaching it to the body of the mail however, it can be done now if someone insists on doing it.


In some cases, though users do need to send a file larger than 50MB, which can be done using the Google Drive method. It is pretty easy, once in the compose window click on Google Drive icon rather than clicking on the paperclip icon and instead of the local drive window the Drive database will pop up, from which you can choose the desired files and send. Choking up off the database causing delivery backups and insecure emails are the reasons why till now Google never allowed to attach a file larger than 25MB to an email.