Godless: a malware that can root your device

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Godless-a-malware-that-can-root-your-device-300x159 Godless: a malware that can root your deviceGodless a new type of malware is seen loitering around in the app stores including Google Play. This malware can possibly root your phone and install unwanted programs without your knowledge. Targeting mostly Android version 5.1 and earlier devices.

Godless can be a most legitimate-looking app which when installed will create an admin access to your device and can install unauthorized apps. Various apps were seen in the play store that contains this spiteful code according to a report. A recent version can even bypass the Google security check, and it can be tricky uninstalling it once it finishes rooting.

Here comes the dirty part, even though some apps are free of this spiteful code but have corresponding infected versions registered to the same developer. So even if you download the clean app the upcoming updates are going to be infected. For your information utility apps and look alike of popular games are mostly the host of this malware.

For safety precaution, users should always review the developer nonetheless the popularity and utility of the app. It is advised to download apps from trusted stores such as Google play & Amazon.

According to a report 850, 000 plus devices has been affected with this malware accounting 2% in the US and mostly in India.