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Future Intelligent Computers Will Be Powered By Brain Like Chips

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goFuture-Intelligent-Computers-Will-Be-Powered-By-Brain-Like-Chips Future Intelligent Computers Will Be Powered By Brain Like ChipsThe development of striking chips that are based on the architecture of the brain was inspired by the vision of creating intelligent computers. Components found in today’s computers are been used to create such mysterious chips by some researchers. Researchers at the Tennessee, Knoxville, have prepared a chip for intelligent computers that can learn, using components from stroke shelves. Through association and probabilities, the chips are made as such to discover patterns that will help in decision-making. Off the shelves,programmable FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Arrays) circuits are used by the researchers in order to simulate the working of synapses and neurons in thebrain. Based on the DANNA neuromorphic software project the chips are being created. FPGAs outshine at performingexplicit tasks and can be effortlessly reprogrammed for other applications.


The post-Moore’s Law era is for what the researchers are making the chips. The brains structure are applied to the chips as the further shrinking of the computer chips are becoming difficult. Transmitting information and parallel calculation of trillions of connections can be done by the 100 million neurons present in the brain. In order to deal with connections, inputs, and outputs the researchers are developing a mesh network of neurons.