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Google Added Keep To Its G-Suite Service

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Google-Added-Keep-To-Its-G-Suite-Service-300x129 Google Added Keep To Its G-Suite ServiceMaking to-do lists, quickly jotting down notes, saving photos etc. are just a few tasks that can be done with the Google Keep. It is a powerful and versatile tool that can help you throughout the day. Google is now providing the admiration that this versatile tool deserves. The company is integrating it with the G-Suite as a core app alongside Docs and Sheets. Users can now be able to search and edit their notes taken with the Keep inside Docs. This, in turn, will save some of the precious times and also streamline workflow. Users will now notice new Keep notepad option in the Tools menu of the Docs. Clicking which will summon the Keep notes in a sidebar. The keep notes from the sidebar can be dragged onto the Docs or edited directly.

Users can add anote to the Keep by selecting a portion from the Docs text right clicking and saving as Keep note. The notes created from the Docs will be added directly to the relative tab and synced. Later when these Keep notes were accessed they will include a link back to the Docs file where they were actually created. The addition of Keep to the G-Suite will make it suitable for the same level of service.