Google AI software released for IPhone

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Google-AI-software-released-for-IPhone-300x129 Google AI software released for IPhoneGoogle announced the 0.9 release candidate of Tensor Flow an Artificial Intelligence software. The company has been striving for months to release Tensor Flow for IOS. This release will have support for IOS which will power IPhone and IPad. Tensor Flow process data like a neural network, similar to our brain cells. This is a key groundwork in the field of AI.

Even though Tensor Flow is already working with the android platform, regular use applications are yet to be developed. The users can expect them coming from Google and other companies using Tensor Flow. The company released Tensor Flow as an open source software so that people outside the company can also contribute to its features.

“AI the most exciting thing going on in computer industry”, said Bill Gates, Co-Founder of Microsoft. After years of behind the scene research countless projects are on their way at companies like eBay, IBM, Facebook, and Microsoft as well.

For high-powered tasks such as comprehending sentence structure, powerful machines are required.But smaller devices can also be benefited from this to accomplish work like recognizing objects and person in a photograph.

The future computer in different forms factors will become and personal assistant, intelligent enough to help you through your day. “We will move to Mobile first to an AI first world”, said Sundar Pichai, CEO at Google.

Google believes AI will power compelling new services, which you will rely on rather than a particular phone in future.