Earthquake prediction using AI

Google and Harvard works together on AI to predict Earthquake After-Shocks

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Earthquake-prediction-using-AI-300x188 Google and Harvard works together on AI to predict Earthquake After-ShocksResearchers from Harvard University in Co-Ordination with Google developed an Artificial Intelligence System which is capable of forecasting aftershocks from earthquakes. They used algorithms to analyze data of earthquakes all over the world to predict where aftershocks might happen. They also state that, since the AI was trained using earthquake data from around the world, it will eventually predict aftershocks for different types of faults.

Phoebe Devries, a post-doctoral fellow at Harvard University in a statement specified that “Aftershock forecasting, in particular, is a challenge that’s well-suited to machine learning because there are a lot of physical phenomena that could influence aftershock behavior and machine learning is extremely good at it.

However, Brendan Meade, a professor of earth and planetary sciences at Harvard and a co-author on the study, said he is also working on efforts to predict earthquake magnitude with AI to help limit the impacts of earthquakes and concludes saying that, “It’s not an idea that’s totally out there anymore and while the result evolved is interesting, I think this is part of a revolution that changes rebuilding all of science in the artificial intelligence era” and still there is a lot that still experts are “a very long way” from any real-time aftershock forecasting