Google And IBM Launches New Certification Programs To Fill The Shortages Of Data Scientist And Cloud Skills

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Google-And-IBM_Launches-New-Certification-Programs-To-Fill-The-Shortages-Of-Data-Scientist-And-Cloud-Skills Google And IBM Launches New Certification Programs To Fill The Shortages Of Data Scientist And Cloud SkillsAs the demand for Cloud engineers, Data Scientists, and Developers reaching an acute level, Google and IBM have independently introduced new certification programs. According to the job-hunting site Indeed, listing for Google Cloud has jumped by 1,082 percent, compared to a 108 percent increase for Amazon Web Services and a 165 percent increase for Microsoft Azure over the past 3-years.

Furthermore, Kubernetes, an open source software offered as a service by all the key Cloud providers, was the most requested skill by IT firms. However, the efforts of Google are focused on four new certifications including Cloud network engineer, Cloud Developer, Cloud Security, and a G-suite certification. The search engine giant already had offered certifications for Data engineer, associate Cloud engineer, and Cloud architect. In addition, Google also provides 40 on-demand courses and about 300 hands-on labs to assist employees to enhance Cloud expertise. Recently, the company has added some of the courses to the catalog that covers industrial IoT on Google Cloud, and networking and security in the Google Cloud. On the other side, IBM divulged a Data Scientist certification program, which is designed to offer an organization the ability to evaluate and authenticate job holders’ Data Science skills through their practical experience. The tech giant is also providing the certifications with The Open Group, a global consortium that fosters vendor-neutral technology standards and certifications. In the statement, IBM explained that the certifications would be a globally-recognized, credible, and portable validation where candidates gain the knowledge, skills, and expertise to get the job done. The certifications will be yielded through project work at three levels of certification in the IBM Open Badge Program.

IBM, additionally, said that the lack of qualified data scientists is leaving a great number of organizations starved for the discipline. In last August, LinkedIn reported that there were 151,000 data scientist jobs unfilled nationwide with an acute level of shortages in New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Hence, the company, in addition to the data scientist certification, has announced an internal data scientist apprenticeship program that is designed for those job candidates who may not have a college degree. This 24-month program also aimed to offer edification, mentorship, and practical experience.