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Google Assistant Is Rolling Out For Non-Pixel Phones

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Google-Assistant-Is-Rolling-Out-For-Non-Pixel-Phones-300x129 Google Assistant Is Rolling Out For Non-Pixel PhonesMore devices running Android 6 Marshmallow and Android 7 Nougat will be getting Google Assistant starting today. The company has released a video ad that suggests the assistant is available for more android users however, Google announced the service last week. Some users might already be blessed with the assistant however, the company hasn’t declared any names of the devices that will be getting the assistant. The Google Assistant was announced in the October 2016. While compared with the Google’s current assistant Google Now, the Google Assistant is more conversational, personal and smart AI incorporated. The new assistant can answer follow up questions, book services and make lists for you, which the Siri struggles with.


Google launched the assistant initially with the Google’s own smartphone Pixel and Pixel XL exclusively. At that moment the company has no plans to rollout this feature with the other phones. However, after months of its release, they have decided to share it with other phones. Do not panic if you didn’t receive the update yet. Google mentioned in a comment the feature will first roll out to English users in the US, then UK, Canada, and Australia, later to the German speakers in Germany.