Google backs out from 10 billion dollar cloud computing deal with US Defense

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Google-_backs-_out-_from_-10_-billion_-dollar_-cloud-_computing_-deal-_with_-US-Defense-300x169 Google backs out from 10 billion dollar cloud computing deal with US Defense
Children play around a sign of Alphabet Inc’s Google outside its office in Beijing, China August 7, 2018. Picture taken August 7, 2018. REUTERS/Stringer ATTENTION EDITORS – THIS IMAGE WAS PROVIDED BY A THIRD PARTY. CHINA OUT. REUTERS/Stringer – RC1D27A43660
On Monday, Alphabet Inc’s Google stated that it is no longer participating for the 10 billion dollar cloud computing contract announced earlier by the U.S. Defense Department. This is due to the new ethical guidelines the company has framed recently which do not comprehend this type of project.

The Google statement proclaims that the company cannot allocate that the JEDI deal in accordance to the companies, AI Principles and secondly, they are determined with their belongingness of the contract is out of scope when accordance to the US current government certifications.

Further analyzing into the topic, Google was certified in March for handling U.S. government data providing moderate security, but Amazon and Microsoft have shown higher clearances in respect. While Google was with high hopes that the 10 billion dollars annual contract will accommodate a high boost to it’s ,not so evident cloud business to race against Amazon and fellow JEDI competitor Microsoft. All of this started when thousands of Google employees have protested against the use of Google’s technology in warfare or for human rights violations. Answering this the company released principles on the usage of its Artificial Intelligence Tools.

According to the statement, Google backed out from providing any kind of a support to the JEDI deal which joint bids earlier this year.