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Google Chrome Apps Will Be Discarded By 2018

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Google-Chrome-Apps-Will-Be-Discarded-By-2018-300x129 Google Chrome Apps Will Be Discarded By 2018By early 2018 Google announced that it will be discarding the Chrome apps from MAC, Windows, and Linux after three years from their introduction. Chrome apps are some functions that are not available on the web which might help users introduced by Google in 2013. Installable web apps are more like traditional apps that were found on Play Store and iOS app store while the other kind of web apps are Hosted apps which are essentially installable web apps.


The Hosted apps are not too big and mostly hosted on webs, hence users can keep using them as the developers migrate them from Chrome browser. There will be around a year and half time for the developers to migrate them away. Extensions, native apps, extension-enhanced web pages are some of the alternatives suggested by Google as for the packaged apps developers has to build something completely new. Technologies like NW.js and Electron can be used by the developer to build applications to run on desktop OS suggested Google further.


Many of the features of Chrome apps are available on websites and only 1 percent of users from Linux, Windows and MAC combined using the Chrome apps doesn’t make any sense for the company to keep running them.