Google Cloud grant to help Cloud Native Computing Foundation to operate at a full swing.

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Google-_Cloud_-grant_-to-_help_-Cloud_-Native_-Computing_-Foundation_-to_-operate_-at_-a_-full_-swing.-300x157 Google Cloud grant to help Cloud Native Computing Foundation to operate at a full swing.Google Cloud is now offering to extend its full support for the establishment of Kubernetes. The company is now providing the funds to move and transfer ownership management of the technology’s resources to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) nearly about $9 million grant.

This move pertains to the CNCF as well as Kubernetes community members’ takes responsibility for all day-to-day project operations that will include testing and builds, maintenance and operations for Kubernetes’ distribution and other functionalities.

Kubernetes released by Google firstly in 2014, was then moved over to the CNCF, a neutral arbiter of cloud development technologies, after its inception in 2015 with the technology officially becoming the first to ‘graduate’ from the foundation in March, which signals its marked reach to mature levels of governance and adoption. AN open source systems monitoring technology named the Prometheus, became the second to graduate last month.

Dan Kohn, CNCF executive director expresses his views over the topic that, the rapid growth of Kubernetes, and broad participation from organisations it is expected that cloud providers and users are similar and the organisation is thrilled to see Google Cloud hand over their ownership of Kubernetes CI/CD to the community which helped in shaping the firm into one of the highest velocity projects of all times.

At the Open Source Summit conducted in Vancouver last week, CNCF has announced that 38 new members have joined the foundation among the companies readers are recognised OVH, SQL database provider Cockroach Labs, and consulting firm InfraCloud Technologies as the hosting firms.