Google Cloud Introduces Training Programs To Address Cloud Computing Skills Shortage

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Google_Cloud-Introduces-Training-Programs-To-Address-Cloud-Computing-Skills-Shortage Google Cloud Introduces Training Programs To Address Cloud Computing Skills ShortageGoogle Cloud has published a range of initiatives to address a deficit in developers with the skills for Cloud-based computing. In their statement, Director of Google Cloud Learning and Enablement, Rochana Golani stated that the issue must be urgently addressed if organizations are going to be successful in transitioning their computing to Cloud-based ecosystem.

The augmentation in a number of Cloud adoption has resulted in a corresponding boost in the requirement for skilled workers in Cloud technologies, Golani added. Cloud-native computing keeps on gaining traction among businesses and developers. But Golani highlighted to a recent survey by OpsRamp where a majority of IT managers, around 94 percent, responded that they were having a tough time finding a sufficient amount of talent.

Hence to address that issue, Google Cloud has pointed out three initiatives: 1. expansion of its certification programs to assist businesses in assessing potential hires, including four new categories aimed at creating more well-rounded teams of cloud developers. 2. New training options for developers to acquire the necessary skills as the company builds on its catalog of 40 on-demand courses and nearly 300 hands-on labs. 3. The addition of training courses in more languages, including Japanese, German, French, Spanish, and Portuguese to make them accessible to more people. Furthermore, Google Cloud will be hosting free weekly webinars on Cloud OnAir, starting in February this year. Offered by Google, Google Cloud Platform is a suite of Cloud Computing services that run on the same infrastructure that Google utilizes internally for its end-user products like Google Search and YouTube.