Google DeepMind developing kill Switch for AI machines

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Google-DeepMind-developing-kill-Switch-for-AI-machines-300x129 Google DeepMind developing kill Switch for AI machinesMany movies and novels have described what the future of AI will look like. Based on that someday in future AI enabled smart machines will override their off button and will no more be in control of humans. Assuming that day to be true DeepMind, a company acquired by Google in 2014 is developing a kill switch to terminate the AI machines.

AI machines might one day learn about human inventions and stop them from happening. Researchers are looking forward to preventing this from happening. The future of AI is a critical topic that is making people like Entrepreneur, Elon Musk and renowned Physicist Stephen Hawking nervous.

“The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race”, said Hawking.

Google has been using AI technology in its search engines, Google assistance etc. now it does make sense that the company is taking necessary measures about the security as well.

This is about time for this topic to be discussed as an architectural foundation for future of AI and is being laid now. The kill switch must be built into the system. For an industry that often develops technology before thinking through its consequences, this is a well-timed effort.

Although Robots or AI machines anticipated takeover is farfetched bearing in mind today’s tech. But in near future, we might see mechanical equipment in control of AI and AI swarm drones used by defense forces. This is exactly the type of scenario where we might need the kill switch.