Google Developing New OS Targeting IoT Devices

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Google-Developing-New-OS-Targeting-Iot-Devices-300x129 Google Developing New OS Targeting IoT DevicesUsers can expect a new operating system altogether from the tech giant Google. This new operating system is not just another upgrade to Chrome or Android but a new one from scratch and not based on Linux Kernel. Fuschia is what it is named, though Google hasn’t announced anything about the new OS. The company has written about the project with a cryptic description Pink and Purple on GitHub.


A report published recently said a bit in details about the OS. The OS is designed keeping in mind the competition in the IoT-oriented operating systems like ThreadX or FreeRTOS and is based on the Magenta Kernel rather than Linux Kernel. The Magenta Kernel is designed to go all the way up to smartphones and desktops. The OS will likely be using Material Design UI with Dart as its language and Flutter support.


But even with that it not necessarily mean that this OS is targeted anywhere beyond IoT devices rather the growing range of IoT products in the company’s lineup such as Google Home and OnHub might just need a lighter OS.  The company has decided to make the OS Open Source right from the beginning and a few details are yet to be decided said Brian Swetland – a senior Engineer at Google who has worked on Android and the T-mobile Sidekick’s OS.