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Google Doesn’t Believe To Be Open Anymore

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Google-Doesn’t-Believe-To-Be-Open-Anymore-300x129 Google Doesn’t Believe To Be Open AnymoreA bunch of new products is been announced by Google at its first major fall event. The new announcements include the new wireless router system, two new smartphones called Pixel and a speaker resembling the Amazon Echo called Google Home. The company is finally ready to admit that Apple was right all along. People will realize that the shift has happened. Google is keeping the best products technologies for itself. The Android manufacturer does not believe to be open. Products are now being sold under “Made By Google” mantra. Products which were $400 earlier were now $650 and beyond. Honestly, that sounds something like Apple.


The price of the Pixel XL, for instance, is $769 and $869 respectively for 32 GB and 128 GB, the same price point as Apple iPhone 7 plus. This doesn’t end here even the design also resembles the iPhone. The company now believes in Control equals money and hence made the shift from being open.


The company said when their products are compared to rivals they want the customers to choose their product over the other for the hardware and software capabilities. Even though it is running android people wonder why will they choose an iPhone priced android phone over the awesome looking Galaxy S7 edge.