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Google Dropped The Device Assist App For Nexus Phones

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Google-Dropped-The-Device-Assist-App-For-Nexus-Phones-300x129 Google Dropped The Device Assist App For Nexus PhonesGiving and taking is a natural process when it comes to Google. The Device Assist App is the latest in the list to be taken away. The app was responsible for troubleshooting suggestions, quick access for Google support and quick tips. Users will be able to see the notice saying it’s going away under the Detected Issue Section when the app is fired. A link for more information will show when you will touch the card. That link when clicked will land you on an official Google tips page where oddly the current tip featured is for iPhone users.


The Device Assist app is shutting down is the most critical issue. The app will not be available for long even though it is now showing on the Play Store. The best way for the Nexus users to get help from Google is to visit the support page where users can get chat and voice support depending on their needs.


It’s been a while since Google become very quick in giving axe to applications who doesn’t find traction. In recent past the removal of the ‘Together’ from the Android wear is the best example. Though it will not be wrong to state that some of these discontinued features will make a comeback in the upcoming Nexus Phones.