Google Expands Its Artificial Intelligence-Powered Grammar Checker In Docs To All G Suite Users

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Google_Expands-Its-Artificial-Intelligence-Powered-Grammar-Checker-In-Docs-To-All-G-Suite-Users Google Expands Its Artificial Intelligence-Powered Grammar Checker In Docs To All G Suite UsersSearch engine giant Google has announced that it’s expanding its Artificial Intelligence-driven grammar checker that is a native feature in Google Docs for all G-suite users. Powered by machine translation, the same subset of AI tools that enable software’s natural language processing capabilities, the grammar checker that the company introduced last year translating test from one language into another. It had to be switched on by a system administrator, which means it wouldn’t be generally accessible by default. But now, the expert in technology Google said that all G-suite users will see recommendations popping up in Google Docs. The user can see the usage of words, with standard spellcheck that highlights misspelled in red, and will use a blue squiggly line to underline an error that must be addressed.

In a statement, G Suite product manager at Google Vishnu Sivaji stated that with machine translation, users are able to spot errors and do corrections as work is getting done. People work closely with linguists to interpret the rules for the machine translation technique and utilized this as the basis of automatic suggestions in their Docs that is all driven by Artificial Intelligence. So for that, machine translation method can identify various corrections, ranging from simple grammatical rules like how to use ‘a’ versus ‘an’ in a sentence, to more compound grammatical terms like using subordinate clauses correctly.

However, the feature is still restricted to business users. But the expansion to all G Suite users and having it turned on by default in Google Docs is a good sign that the company is preparing the grammar checker for a broader range of consumers to release at some point in the coming days.