Google Forms An External Advisory Group To Consider Artificial Intelligence Challenges

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Google_Forms-An-External-Advisory-Group-To-Consider-Artificial-Intelligence-Challenges Google Forms An External Advisory Group To Consider Artificial Intelligence ChallengesSearch engine giant Google has formed an external advisory group, the Advanced Technology External Advisory Council (ATEAC), with the intention of considering some of the most complex challenges in Artificial Intelligence, including Facial Recognition and fairness in Machine Learning. Google has announced the formation of the external advisory group at MIT Technology Review’s EmTech Digital 2019 conference. The move by the company comes almost a year after the Google issued a charter to guide its use and development of AI, and months after the company’s announcement where it said that it would refrain from offering general-purpose facial recognition APIs before lingering policy questions are addressed.

The ATEAC is full with the 8-member panel that comes from academics, policy experts, and executives. It includes Luciano Floridi, philosopher and expert in digital ethics at the University of Oxford; former U.S. deputy secretary of state William Joseph Burns; Dyan Gibbens, CEO of drone maker Trumbull; and Heinz College professor of information technology and public policy Alessandro Acquisti, among others. According to the Google, the panel members will serve over the course of 2019, and hold 4 meetings, starts in April, and they will be encouraged to share generalizable learning that arises from discussions, and a summary report of their findings will be published by the end of the year.

In a statement, Google’s senior vice president of global affairs, Kent Walker noted that we recognize that responsible development of AI is a broad area with many stakeholders, and we hope this effort will inform both our own work and the broader technology sector. In addition to consulting with the experts on ATEAC, we’ll continue to exchange ideas and gather feedback from partners and organizations around the world.