Google hits up with an All-New UI and Random Password Generator for Chrome as Version 69

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Google_hits-up-with_an-All-New-UI-and_Random-Password_Generator-for-Chrome_as-Version-69-300x198 Google hits up with an All-New UI and Random Password Generator for Chrome as Version 69Google releases Version 69 of the Chrome browser was released recently, after celebrating Chrome’s ten-year anniversary on Sunday where Chrome now joins Mozilla and Microsoft as browser makers who completely redesigned their browsers that emerged as one of the most advanced versions in recent years since 2008. This new UI is easy to surf because it uses a predominantly white color tone along with rounded tabs that are a major turn over from Chrome’s regular grey colored UI with angled tabs.

Chrome says that its new UI is ultimate for the mobile and is also is also much more in sync with Google’s Material Design language. Flashing back to two years, Google has slowly redesigned Chrome’s settings panels with a Material Design look, but with today’s release, the Material Design look was associated into the main browser interface as well in addition to it Google engineers also have other surprises for Chrome 69 users which is the most impressive feature ‘Random Password Generator’.

Here users instead of focusing their cursor inside a password field every time, Google will generate a random password and offers it and if the user chooses to use it, Chrome will automatically save it in password store. It also mentions that users must be logged in with a Google account to use this new Chrome feature. Chrome 69 also marks a path in security fonts with special features and Google’s plans to remove Flash from the browser with a gigantic chrome update with version 87 in December 2020, wherein a similar manner Adobe also plans to retire Flash.
Besides this astonishing features in the update, there were also other changes that include patches for 40 security issues and a truckload of changes in the underlying Web APIs and CSS features and a revamped New Tab page in the same Material Design style where Chrome 69’s New Tab page now lets everyone customize the links they see.