Google Home Compatible App List

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google Google Home Compatible App ListWith a simple voice command, the newly launched Google Home will take a center space in your home and will always be ready to help. When it comes to the apps and services that the users use on a daily basis, the question arises “What exactly will the users be able to do”? Based on what users ask the device to do Google has a list of apps that are compatible with the Home. A new batch of hardware that is all tightly integrated with Google assistant and Google Services. The new technology is no doubt interesting but how much it can actually do is going to decide the future for the device.


As more third party developers are getting on board, it is expected that the company will grow the following list of supported apps over time.

Apps for Audio Requirement:


For both Android and iOS YouTube, Google Play Music, Pandora, TuneIn, Spotify are a few apps that have made it to the list yet.


Apps for Smart Home Services:


Philips Hue, IF by IFTTT and Nest Thermostat will be available for both android and iOS.

Apps for taking care of some daily Tasks:

Google Keep and Google Calendar will help with this category of apps.
In addition to the above apps, Google Chromecast will also be there to cast screens. Which is also compatible with both iOS and Android.