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Google Is Tracking The Newest Startups In The World

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Google-Is-Tracking-The-Newest-Startups-In-The-World-300x129 Google Is Tracking The Newest Startups In The WorldIn the process to recognize the startup ‘rocketship’ before they actually took off, Suman Prasad and his team have functioned with numerous Silicon Valley venture capital firms. Building apps for Android phones, make use of many Google services, hook into Google Play in other they have helped them to plug into the Google machine.


The project ’20 Percent Time’ that Prasad had started in his Google is now developed much bigger. Project Sand Hill is now serving a 100 US startups and approx. 30 abroad in places like India, Israel and China of which Prasad is the director of startups and VC partnerships.


Intentions of keeping it’s progressively enormous company at the lead of the innovation, the company runs its own venture capital arm, GV. Yet the company is looking for other ways of chasing the ever-changing technical landscape. Prasad said they want to team up with the companies before they make the next big thing and there is a definite increase in the speed at which the small startups proceed in order to become a material company. Google is searching for any possible way to stay at the cutting edge as it has evolved into a corporate giant from a Silicon Valley disrupter.