Google Launches New Artificial Intelligence Hub In Berlin

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Google_Launches-New-AI-Hub-In-Berlin Google Launches New Artificial Intelligence Hub In BerlinOn Tuesday this week, tech giant Google launched its new office in Berlin that said it contains a number of Artificial Intelligence researchers and engineers. In the statement, the company noted that the new office is an AI researchers’ hub who working on basic research and the AI applications, particularly Deep Learning.

To reach and engage more customers and more potential workforce, tech giants like Google, Facebook, and Amazon have opened up their offices worldwide. These overseas offices very constructive in today’s AI talent war when it comes to hiring. The search engine giant’s new Berlin office located in Berlin’s Museum Island in the center of the city that can house up to 300 workforces. The company said that it’ll involve the most modern YouTube Space in Europe. Initially, the office will be home to nearly 130 Google sales workers, Google Play, Cloud, Policy, Google for Startup and YouTube. Google CEO Sundar Pichai stated that he is excited to be Googler in Berlin. The city has long been a culture’s capital and the media, and it is also becoming the hub of the startups and a driver of innovation. He further added that through this new office, they can further the number of Googlers who work in Berlin.

However, Google already faced some retardation in Berlin recently when it attempted to open a new startup hub in Kreuzberg, a part of Berlin that is typically anti-gentrification, and the plans for open the startup hub were finally dropped.