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Google-Map-Acquires-New-Features-300x129 Google Map Acquires New FeaturesTraveling through Asia and using the navigation in budget smartphones and limited data plans are the two new features of the Google Maps Android-based app that come with the new update. The app now includes a Wi-Fi only mode where the device when connected to a wireless network will download the maps. Maps can now be stored on the external storage.


These will help a lot of people in many ways even though these are not very big changes. Considering the budget smartphone are low on internal memory, now storing the maps in external storage is a boon in disguise. And the fact that the Wi-Fi mode available is a relief for the limited data users.


Also now the Google Map will tell you how much your ride home will cost while using the local obligatory service in areas where Uber is not the prevailing ridesharing option. GO-JEK quote is available in three Indonesian cities now and few more are coming soon. Grab rides quotes are available in 24 cities located in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand are available. Throughout Poland, Ireland, Austria and Italy Gett, MyTaxi and Halio quote availability is also expanded. Users can now download the updates for Google Maps from Play store and enjoy these features.